If an interviewee for a documentary is wearing a T shirt with


This mostly occurs in non fiction programming, like News Broadcasts and Documentaries, where the producer has little control over the people and the environment, or Reality Shows. If an interviewee for a documentary is wearing a T shirt with the Nike swoosh, break out the Pixellation. Before the development of digital image processing, stagehands handled this by covering labels on bottles, cans or boxes with masking tape or paper strips. This process, called "greeking," is still quite common, as masking tape is a lot cheaper than making the blurred area track the motion of the naughty brand name. Keep in mind, they did (and still do) "greek" clothing or other logos on people's shirts, too (often during spontaneous gonzo segments on nonfiction shows), and it's not very comfortable.

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Replica Hermes Birkin In Soldier of Fortune, there are numerous instances where an enemy scripted to fall from a perch in a sniper's nest when shot can be shot by the player before he's in position, resulting in the enemy character displaying the "falling" animation anyway, even if he's already on solid ground. Some enemies can likewise be shot by alert players before the game intended, after which they calmly proceed to their next scripted checkpoint missing arms, legs, or even heads. Only upon reaching said checkpoint do they apparently realize their wounds and expire. It is also possible for a sufficiently skilled or determined player to snipe the pilot of a helicopter carrying a pallet of crates meant to take off and leave immediately after coming into view. If the pilot is shot in this very narrow window of opportunity, the helicopter crashes while the crates continue up and away Replica Hermes Birkin.

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