Monster of the Week: These tended to come in two varieties:


Although it's kind of hard to tell how much of an improvement it was, since BKM tended be as powerful as any particular fight scene with it required. Monster of the Week: These tended to come in two varieties: non Martian affiliated aliens who wanted to take over or destroy the Earth for their own reasons (and who the Butt Uglies would defeat supposedly for the glory of the Martian invasion), and alien mercenaries Bog would send to help the Butt Uglies conquer Earth. With how un conquered Earth is, the Butt Uglies both have to defeat the other alien and hide their lack of conquest from Bog. She seems to be looking after the kids as a way to make up for her previous actions. All in all, this just demonstrates that she's a better person than most of the other adults in the film. She knows she did something wrong and now she's trying to make it right, and she doesn't deny her sins.

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