Saying Sound Effects Out Loud: Constantly


Tropes Ace Pilot: Lichtenstein was enrolled in pilot training while serving in the army in World War II, but never actually saw action. He remained fascinated in aviation, and painted several works focusing on flying aces. Close Up on Head: Lichtenstein often enlarged panels in such extreme close ups that you could see the raster points and Ben Day dots of the original comic book page. Comic Strips: Lichtenstein's trademark was blowing up frames from comic strips up full size. Disneyesque: He used a comic strip panel of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck as the subject for one of his paintings. Fanart: Most of the comic strips he choose for reproduction were series he enjoyed himself. He also reproduced masterpieces by Paul Cezanne, Piet Mondrian and Pablo Picasso in his own style. Hollywood Drowning: Drowning Girl, which provides the trope's page pic. Irony: Some of the comic strip images he used had an ironic undertone. Promoted Fanboy: Lichtenstein made art critics look at comic strips, widely considered children's pulp. Reference Overdosed: All of his paintings are copied images of either comic strips or paintings. Accusations of plagiarism already occurred during his lifetime, yet he purposefully distorted and stylized the imagery in his own work and changed the scale, color and treatment. None of his works were exact copies. Saying Sound Effects Out Loud: Constantly. Whaam is probably the most famous, but he also painted works entitled Blam, Brattata, Takka Takka, Bratatat!, Varoom!, and Crak!. Shout Out: As a huge Tintin fan he also used images from Tintin stories for his paintings. Stylistic Suck: Lichtenstein sometimes deliberately made the comic book characters he copied crude and badly copied.

I think the big division between science and spirituality could be narrowed by a clearer definition of our words. Our vocabulary doesn't serve us well. Sort of like "cousin." Too many misunderstandings begin because the other side doesn't have a clear vision of the meaning behind our words. For instance, I could say to you, "I'm going to go take a dip in the water." If you didn't know me, you wouldn't know if I was going into my pool, or a lake, or the ocean, or a Jacuzzi. But if I chose to be more specific, I could certainly tell you which body of water I was going to take a dip in and you wouldn't have to wonder. This is not so with God and soul and heaven. I'd have to elaborate but not before you may have already tuned me out because of your preconceived notion of what I meant by those words.

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