In ROH, after having closed out their feud with the Decade (a


"You said it's your first time, feeling chest pain and nausea. In the android/clone/other doppelganger scenario, the typical reason for this assumption is that the character lacks some vital component to be truly great or human, and might even be considered dangerous because of the lack.

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Another pre epilogue bitter moment is how Adele, Niko, Weiss and Cecille's brother Dynos all Replica Hermes Birkin died. Similarly he ripped dialogue from the last page of Born Again for use in his Spirit movie ('It was a nice piece of work, Kingpin/Saref. Her destination is the terraformed planet New Eden orbiting 82 Eridani, and Tanis has managed to score a ticket in return for serving aboard as chief of security..

That said, the guy giving the sample is Vincent

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